What is the reason for girls being fat after marriage?
What is the reason for girls being fat after marriage?

What is the reason for girls being fat after marriage?

Weight gain problem is the biggest problem among women and this problem becomes a headache after marriage. You definitely have heard, people talking about sudden increase in their weight after their marriage. According to a study published in a daily journal ‘The Obesity’, 82% couples gains weight up to 5-10 kgs after 5 years of their marriage and this increase of weight is mostly seen among women.

Do not maintain proper eating habits:
Many girls adhere to solid diet or dietary habits to get interesting figures before marriage. Fatty foods, carbohydrate foods, fast food, they all have’t eat. There is always an urgent need for weight control. But many people can not follow this diet properly after marriage.

Fried food and oil meal:
Fried food and oil national foods are more consumed when the guests come to after wedding. Because of this, the weight increased rapidly. Many girls love cooking new recipes and feeding to family members. This is also a big reason for weight gain. There is no doubt that the family feels good to eat good food, but this does not mean that you will also have to try those foods.

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There is no time for own:
After marriage, it becomes difficult for new relationships, new people, gathering the time for themselves. Then the importance is changed or the priorities change, so that no further attention is given to them, exercise is far away. It’s a big reason to go away after marriage. Earlier, it would have taken time for exercise or healthy eating habits, but they did not get any longer after marriage. Family members often do not have time for themselves or for the sake of giving time to family problems. Think of the risk of fatigue, so find time for yourself. Try to control the diet.

Outside Meals:
Another reason for the increased weight of girls after marriage is the avoidance of cooking and eating outdoors. Many people do not have the ability to cook after marriage, while outside foods are dependent. Extra oils are provided for outdoor food or hotel food. This unhealthy diet increases weight.

What is the reason for girls being fat after marriage?
What is the reason for girls being fat after marriage?

For Pregnancy:
Due to pregnancy, most women increase weight. Studies show that around 10 to 12 kg weight increased in this time.

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Birth control system:
Due to the adoption of birth control system such as pill or injection, girls became fat after marriage.

More time to stay with the people:
There are many husbands, who have long been happy with their wife’s company. For whom maybe the wife does not exercise anymore. This is certainly good for mutual understanding. But health is also important. So encourage your husband to exercise with you. Or both of them can be admitted to a gym together.

The lazy people just eat and sleep. There is no other work to keep the body fit and functional. Many people get busy after marriage, and many are so ignorant of themselves that they do not take care of the body. The big reason for weight gain after marriage is this laziness.

What is the reason for girls being fat after marriage?


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