US Bangla Airlines Crashed in Nepal

US Bangla Airlines Crashed in Nepal
US Bangla Airlines Crashed in Nepal

US Bangla Airlines Crashed in Nepal

Today, an aircraft of the US Bangla Airlines, which was left to Nepal from Dhaka on Monday, crashed in Kathmandu.

The aircraft departed from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport at 12:51 pm. After reaching Nepal, at the local time at 2:20 pm (Bangladesh time 3:05 pm) it crashed.

In the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu, the private aircraft of the US Bangla Airplane crashed and At least 50 people have been killed. The Reuters news agency quoted a spokesman from the Nepal Army as saying However, AFP reported that at least 40 people have been killed.

32 passengers on the plane died on the spot. The aircraft bear 67 passengers and 4 crew.

There were 33 Bangladeshi passengers on the plane of the US Bangla Airlines crashed at Tribhuvan International Airport in Nepal’s Kathmandu, US Bangla Airlines sources said.

There were 16 Nepalese passengers. The passenger named Bahora said that 16 people including Nepal traveled to Bangladesh for training in Bangladesh.

Bahora said, the plane was normal during the flight leave from Dhaka. But when it came to Kathmandu, it started to behave unusual. In the moment, the aircraft used to shake and there was a sound after that. He said, ‘My seat was near the window and I broke the glass window and got able to get out.’

The passenger is now being treated at the local Norvic International Hospital.

He further said, “I can not remember anything after coming out of the plane. Someone took me to Sinamangal hospital and from there my friends brought to Narvik hospital. “He said that he suffered injuries on his head and legs. Fortunately he survive.

Work is being done to rescue the casualties of the private plane of US Bangla Airlines in Nepal’s Kathmandu. The AFP report said the bodies were recovered from the debris of the aircraft. It is not yet known how many people have been killed.

All flights to the airport have been canceled after the plane crashed in the capital of Nepal’s Kathmandu, Tribhoban International Airport. This is the only international airport in Nepal. Flights on the ways has been sent for landing in another place.

A team of Civil Aviation Authority (Civil Aviation) will go to Nepal to investigate the crash of US Bangla Airlines at Trimbwan International Airport in Kathmandu. After the plane crashed, all flights to Nepal’s only international airport were canceled. The investigation team will leave from Dhaka if the flight starts.

Air Vice Marshal M Nayem Hassan, chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority, told a press conference on Monday. He said a three-member investigation team has been formed. All flights to Tribhuvan International Airport are closed now. As soon as the flight is started the investigation team will go. Nayem Hassan also said that there has been constant communication with the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal.
According to the rules, Nepal civil aviation authorities will investigate the incident. Bangladesh’s investigation team will work with Nepal.


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