Salman Khan’s ‘RACE 3’ Will Release in This Eid

Salman Khan's RACE 3 Will Release in This Eid
Salman Khan's RACE 3 Will Release in This Eid

Salman Khan’s ‘RACE 3’ Will Release in This Eid

After the box office with ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’, he has been taking ‘Race 3’ on the big screen Eid this year. The fans will now see him with big screen stars with Bobby Deol, Jacqueline Fernandez, Shakib Salim, Daisy Shah and Anil Kapoor. For the film, Salman fan’s where to wait till June, Salman Khan shares his ‘Race 3’ logos with video clips on his own Twitter handle. Where he wrote #race 3 this Eid, and only 3 months left.

Salman Khan was first seen in the movie ‘Race 3’, to pose for the picture by pinning the gun. Anger in his eyes. As a result, the ‘Race 3’ is going to be a action film. The first look of ‘Race 3’ reminds a lot of ‘Tiger Jindahya’ film.

The full Action-Thriller package will be seen in the new look of Vejana. Salman himself gives several inputs in the film. Besides, the film heroine Jacqueline Fernandez is learning martial arts for the film. Now wait for the poster and the trailer.

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‘Race 3’ will be released on Eid in 2018. Note that Aishwarya’s ‘Fanny Khan’ is being released with Salman Khan’s ‘Race 3’. The funny thing is that in the movie ‘Fanny Khan’, Anil Kapoor is also acting. Meanwhile, the producer of ‘Fanny Khan’ has announced the Eid as the date of release of the film. As a result, along with Salman and Aishwarya, Anil is facing himself in the box office.

Salman Khan said that there is no provocative scene in this movie, no drug scene, it has to be more fun.

At first Salman Khan informed that Race 3 would be a family picture. There can not be any scenes there so that people can not see the picture with their family. The previous two sequel of Race had a very exciting scene. So Salman clearly admonished that no such scene can be kept in Race 3.

The second condition is that no scenes of a drug can be kept in the film scene. It will teach the wrong things of their young fans. In this sequel Salman Khan’s was a matter of drug in a scene which Salman Khan removed from this film.

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The third condition is that this movie has to be filled with humor from the previous two sequels. Anil Kapoor was in the previous two films. Where he created a lot of humorous scenes. Anil Kapoor will not be in this movie. So this year’s humorous scenes will have to be much more than the previous two films.

Actors: Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Bobby Deol, Shakib Salim, Daisy Shah
Type: Action film
Director: Ramo de Shuja
Producer: Ramesh S. Tranny
Industry: Bollywood
Release Date: This Eid, (15 June 2018)
Budget: 120 million (estimated)
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