Real madrid, helpless without Cristiano Ronaldo!

Cristiano Ronaldo

Real madrid, helpless without Cristiano Ronaldo!

Coach Zinedine Zidane has warned of the real-fans of the game before the Espanyol match. Cristiano Ronaldo is not playing in the match But there is no need to be worried. No injury or bad news. Zidane said, just keep Ronaldo out of the team to rest. Zidane’s tone of his voice, “Ronaldo knows himself very well. Let us talk to him before any decision. It’s very important for us to bring out the best of them. He also knows how much it is necessary for him to take rest by the rules. This match has been done, nothing else. And it should be kept in mind for a very long season.

After La Liga, Ronaldo will also play in the next World Cup, also reminds Zidane. However, without Ronaldo, Steyn came down to play, Real has to do. They lost the match 1-0.

Zidane does not want to see the dream of winning the La Liga title. The possibility of winning the title is only in the Champions League. Real Madrid will face PSG in the return match in the Champions League on March 6. Zidane’s plan is now around the match. And as a part of that plan, this rest is enough to get Ronaldo to power. Earlier, Ronaldo scored his first goal in the first leg against PSG, winning 3-1.

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The La Liga debut was not very pleasant at the start of Real. However, Cristiano Ronaldo’s team started giving their existence by winning four matches. Zidane’s team has three number placee in the table list with 51 points to stumble. Real Madrid, with another giant club, Barça, topped the list with 14 points.

Although Real won the match, without adding 3 points for them, there would be no change in the points list. Likewise, gave Barça a chance to move ahead by 17 points. And it was also proven, how Real madrid, helpless without Cristiano Ronaldo!


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