Jennifer Lopez was Faced Sexual Harassment

Jennifer Lopez was Faced Sexual Harassment
Jennifer Lopez was Faced Sexual Harassment

Jennifer Lopez was Faced Sexual Harassment

Jennifer Lopez, the most popular singer and heroine born in New York on July 24, 1969, is still alive at the age of 48.

She also acted in addition to the music world. She is Jennifer Lopez. The number of people who do not know him is small. Actress, singer Jennifer Lopez’s story is a little different. Jennifer left the room after being angry with her on education and the future. After working in the dance studio, he is one of the world’s best stars today.

The Hollywood star’s earnings are now more than $ 110 million. But his age was 48. But seeing him, it seems like the age is decreasing day by day. One of the reasons is the Enchanting figure of Jennifer Lopez.

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Popular American pop star, actress and producer Jennifer Lopez has been subjected to sexual harassment when she first appeared in the film. In a recent interview to Harper’s Bazaar magazine, he described his horrific experience. He said, “No way other girls have gone astray, my experience is different. The director asked me to open the shirt and show the Bosom. This is how I was sexually abused. I did not do that. Directly said “no”.

Jennifer Lopez did not reveal the picture or director’s name. He further said, “The look of the harasser’s face seems still horrified. My heart beat On that day my chest shook while saying that little “no” word. I knew I could lose my job. But the matter was against my policy. I did not want to work for sex.

He said, in this case he will not compromise any day. So he will protest against sexual harassment. So now he has been associated with Time’s Movement. Now the organization is fundraising it to provide legal assistance to victims and victims due to sexual harassment.

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Jennifer Lopez was Faced Sexual Harassment
Jennifer Lopez 

Hollywood’s Successfull Movie

Meanwhile, on October 5, ‘The New York Times’ and 10 October ‘The New Yorker’ released two investigative reports about Hollywood’s ‘Movie Mughal’ Harvey Weinstein’s sexual scandal. From the influential actresses to the emerging actresses to the emerging model, even the women staff of the Winstein Company, Harvey has described the romance of harassment and harassment at both of the reports. Then the whole picture changed. There are many incidents of sexual harassment in front of each one.

Warner Brothers dismissed director and playwright Andrew Cresburg for sexual harassment. For several years, many creatures have been accused of sexual harassment in this builder’s organization. Among them are 15 women and 4 men. According to those who have been victims of sexual repression, Cresburg made the workplace so poisonous that they were forced to leave work.

American Airlines Alaska Air Group Inc, Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg’s sister Randy Zuckerberg have been allegations of sexual harassment.

Hollywood artists also open their faces against sex workers as well. It is known that male artists as well as female artists are also being subjected to sexual harassment in various ways. Male artists are also opening their faces.



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