How to Remove Bad Smell of the Foot and Shoes

Bad Smell of Shoe : Ways to Remove the Bad Smell of the Feet
Bad Smell of Shoe : Ways to Remove the Bad Smell of the Feet

How to Remove Bad Smell of the Foot and Shoes

Many people have Bad smell on foot and shoe. Even if it is clean, the bad of smell does not escape.

In the summer, most of the people has to face this problem. The smell that comes out of her shoes, she does not feel the smell; But those who are close to friends or those around them, this smell feelso much bad. The awkward smell becomes sweaty.

With the opening of shoes or socks, they can survive if they run away with noses. The smell of which, she felt quite embarrassed and ashamed.

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More than any other part of the body, there is more sweat glands than an armpit, on the feet. When the sweat emits from the intestines of the foot, the whole place becomes the breeding ground of bad smell bacteria. Due to changes in hormones (such as during puberty or pregnancy), if it is in the trace, can stand for long periods of time, exercise or heat. Let’s know some of the expert tips for removing foot bad smell.

  • Wash your feet with your fingers at least once a day and wash them well and keep them dry well. You can use anti-bacterial soap.
  • Use the underarm deodorant or antiperspirant spray at the bottom of the feet to remove sweat and bad smell. Then sprinkle some foot powder on the feet. It will also absorb excessive sweating and help eliminate bad smell.
  • Shoe types can also make a big difference. Much more tight shoes like boot shoes are likely to be odor. Because the wind does not move in such a shoe. If possible, use the front open shoes or sandals. Can use athletic shoes, which have a part of the nets that have the advantage of ventilation.
  • You will see big differences every day after wearing socks. Soothing, wool or sweating socks helps to absorb the humidity of the feet.
  • Refrain from pairing the same socks for two consecutive days. Brian Gotti, Senior Product Manager, New Balance said, “Let your shoes pass in the air during the day.” Open shoes and place them in such a way that the inside part can be completely dry.
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  • Brian said, keep your shoes in a dry and cold environment. If the damp shoes are placed in a humid environment, its stench will not be removed.
  •  If you want to wash your shoes, you need to be careful. Do not wear leather shoes or washing. You can wash shoes made in other ingredients. Dry and dry in the sunlight.
  • Mix 1/4 cup vinegar in 4 cups of water and sink your feet in this mixture for 15 minutes. Vinegar works as a natural acetininant or a resistor so it helps to reduce sweat. Since vinegar is acidic, after a few hours your feet will be dry.
  • To get rid of bad smell, it is necessary to walk barefoot in the daytime.
  •  Use lavender oil on the leaves of the perfume for fragrance. It also acts as an anti fungal agent. With a half liter of water in a container, 2-3 drops of lavender oil mix. Keep your feet in this mixture for 20 minutes. Use the two days a week to understand the difference.
How to Remove Bad Smell of the Foot and Shoes

When will you go to the doctor ?

There may be stools in the feet due to any other health problem. Fungal infections such as athlete’s feet can cause stomach disorders on the feet, hyperridrosis increases the amount of sweating, so the problem of stomach pains increases and increases. If the above-mentioned tips are not solved on your feet, the sweat and stomach problem is not solved, then the doctor needs to be displaced.


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