Due to Mobile Phones, There can be Severe 6 Diseases

Due to Mobile Phones, There can be Severe 6 Diseases
Due to Mobile Phones, There can be Severe 6 Diseases

 Due to Mobile Phones, There can be Severe 6 Diseases

In this era of current technology, we can not think of a moment without a mobile phone. Mobile name This device is always our partner.

Mobile phones in the hands of human hands now for the benefit of technology And this mobile has become a daily companion of the people. Can say that technology is one of the most part of this era mobile It has become imperative to keep pace with the era. But in the meantime, some negative aspects of mobile have also come out.

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Studies have shown that, talking about a day or a half hour or more in the mobile phone has bad effects on the brain. Due to the use of mobile for ten years, brain cells can be unnaturally increased. After that, there is a danger of glyoma (the most known brain tumor) and brain cancer. Do not delay, let us know what can happen due to mobile use.

Hearing Weakness:
Experts say that due to excessive use of mobile, hearing power can be completely eroded. Interactivity with the electromagnetic field of the cell can reduce the hearing power for a long time.

Heart problem:
The harmful radiation emanating from the mobile creates a heart problem. As a result, never keep mobile in the book pocket. And do not neglect the heart’s problems.

Studies have shown that the possibility of becoming a brain tumor increases as a result of mobile radiation. It can also be cancerous.

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Birth inconvenience:
This is one of the most harmful aspects of mobile radiation. Sperm count decreases with the use of mobile phones. As a result, children have to face inconvenience.

Eye problems:
Today we work on computers or mobile phones for many days. Long enough to be on the screen of the mobile, the eyes are bound to be difficult. Fewer glasses of frames can be seen in young age.

Sleep disturbances:
Can you understand why night sleeping isn’t happening? The main reason for mobile phones is to stay on the whole day. Excessive mobile handling, especially sleeping at night, causes sleep disturbances. As a result, many types of diseases in the home.

Due to Mobile Phones, There can be Severe 6 Diseases


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