Current and future of freelancing carrier in Bangladesh

Current and future of freelancing carrier in Bangladesh
Current and future of freelancing carrier in Bangladesh

Current and future of freelancing carrier in Bangladesh

What is the future of freelancing? Is not something rosy, nothing? Many said on behalf of this profession of independence. Some say, where income is not guaranteed, how is it good? Many have become self-reliant in freelancing, encouraged others, created jobs. But in the honor of the workers are equal to the workers? They are in the marriage market – or how much?

Actually, those who are involved in outsourcing, can not be compared with the work done by the watch workers. Because, while the work of the freelancer-then Many people work in the night to wake up. But there is no pressure on corporate governance authority to open their independent business. But the work pressure is not very low. In the workplace of the country or abroad, the work is to ensure the quality of work in ‘workshop’, ‘fiber’ or any other platform. To compete in different countries of the world to compete. If you can prove the job skills, then get good pay.

Freelancing is a profession that does not have formal job rules. But if you do not follow rules in the work, there is no chance of success in shortcut.

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In Bangladesh, internet income has become popular in the internet online. Many are now freelancing with the opportunity to work independently of jobs. In a recent seminar, Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) President Syed Almas Kabir said that Bangladesh is currently in the third place in the outsourcing list. There are around six and a half million freelancers. Five lakh of them work on the basis of monthly income. Most of the young people of this large population They took the job of freelancing as a job instead of job.

Freelancing as a long term career should not be right. Continuing to increase efficiency. If someone wants to freelance from leaving the job, it should not be right. If you have work skills, you can do something for your income as well as your income. In this case the experienced people do well.

Monir Hossain, chief executive officer of IT and Freelancing Instructor Institution, said, “It is not good to have someone freelancing for long periods of time. Freelancing alone can be extended up to a time or skills can be extended. Then you should go into the job. Even if you want to set up your own organization or give startup, you should work for a few days. Otherwise, you should know professional workplace experiences, especially management, team work. It increases the revenue. Before the start of business or before taking a business in freelancing, the company’s experience is important.

Current and future of freelancing carrier in Bangladesh

BASIS is the organization of government and software-makers organizations, these freelancers will now be established as institutions. This will increase the employment, the new freelancer will come. If freelancing is given an institutional form it can contribute to the development of the IT industry. The government has been providing various training for startups. Banks are also working in this sector. That is, the market is created. Freelancers have been given special training from BASIS. The importance of formalization of freelancing is being given importance. Facilities have been announced for this. Just like bank Asia, pre-paid cards have been introduced in an independent name with BASIS to facilitate freelancers. Through this card, freelancers can deal in the country from abroad.

Anyone can become freelancer by attaining skills in specific work. But if you are skilled at work then you should come to this profession. The government is dreaming more foreign currency earnings from the freelancing sector, in which freelancers need to ensure more flexibility. Especially in the district towns to ensure fast internet and keep the internet affordable. These issues have already indicated that the emphasis is on Postal, Telecommunication and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabbar.

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Several steps have been taken by BASIS. There is a chance to be a member of the team or propulsion BASIS. Action taken to simplify the whole process. Among them there are issues of obtaining easy trade licenses, legal aid, loans, skill enhancement training, marketing strategies and branding. In addition to the high-tech parks in the country, there is talk of keeping a floor for the freelancers.

There are seminars on freelancing across the country including Dhaka, where youth are participating in the eyes. The number of organizations already trained in different issues of freelancing has increased in the country. Apart from training in different ways, different organizations have been established. Freelancers have their own organization or startup. The organizers of this sector say that the government is providing various types of training for startups. Banks are also working in this sector. That is, the market is made. But the main problem in this sector is the ‘Identity Crisis’ of the freelancers. But in the context of Bangladesh, the problem started. Many have created good examples in this sector. ‘VIP’ has become Because, discussions are going on everywhere in the freelancers. Many are highlighting Bangladesh in the world.


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