bdshapers – Choose Your Lifestyle and Earn Money from Online

bdshapers - choose your lifestyle and earn money from online
bdshapers - choose your lifestyle and earn money from online

bdshapers – choose your lifestyle and earn money from online

bdshapers is an advanced standard based organization. Where men can trust and make their dream fulfil. Nowadays, our country’s people can not get perfect job for them. So, bdshapers give them an opportunity for doing there work in right place. So bdshapers start this service for people can get proper decision and they can be sine in there life.
Here is some service:
Making a website: A website can make a perfect work place. If someone want to work her house. If someone won’t be able to go outside for work. Then this is a best way for him to work in home.
By a website you can earn money by various way. Like showing ad on your website. You can start online business like amazon, myshopbd etc. So it will be good decision for people, who want to earn money stay in home.

Current and future of freelancing carrier in Bangladesh

What needs for start a website?
If you want to start a website, firstly you need a domain. What is domain? It means a name like,, etc. You can choice domain name from Secondly you need some hosting. Hosting meanse web space, where you keep your data. It also can get from

Then you can start your work in your won website without any problems.

Web design:Web design is an external form for a website. Web Designer’s main work is to create templates for a site, there will be no application. For example, login system, newsletter signup, uploading, uploading files to database, image manipulation, if there are ads on the site, ads change every time the pages are loaded. Application. This is done by programming language. It is the web design that can be created without any type of application, such designs can be called static design. This concept is commonly used for web design.

This is a good platform. You can start web design. Its value increase day by day. If you learn web design, you will be able to work with foreigner client. You will earn enough money from this place.





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